Welcome To Slow News Day, Huh?

Hi, there. I’m Kris, digital content so-and-so for The Forum. I help manage our website and our social media streams and do a little writing here and there. I also, now, operate this here blog.

Today is not a slow news day: the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage came down today and we’ve been grabbing stories and reactions from all over the place. I made a few quote cards to put some of that reaction front and center on Facebook:

heitkamp ssm quote

ndfa ssm quote

I don’t have too specific an idea with what to do with this blog other than:

1. Make jokes
2. Talk about the news
3. Talk about tech and internet oddities
4. Not embarrass myself

Hope you’re willing to come along. Feel free to comment or tweet at me at @kriskerzman. For the record, all of my tweets relating to this blog will have the tag #SNDH?.

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