The IPhone 7 Will Be Able To Measure Altitude

A while back, I made a lunchtime Pokemon Go sortie through a skyway that runs through downtown Fargo. There are a few Pokestops along the route, so I dropped a lure in one and farmed while staying in air conditioned comfort.

I felt a little guilty, however. My little Pokemon avatar (Team Mystic … yeah, whatever … bite me, Valors) remained anchored to a 2-D map, fooled that I wasn’t actually near the Pokestop in question. Why, I asked myself, can’t my phone detect altitude?

Looks like that will change with the iPhone 7. In a recent tearapart, iFixit found a piece of hardware in the spot where the headphone jack, sadly, will no longer be. It turns out that space will be used on a barometric vent, needed to power a barometer. That barometer, in turn, will help the phone measure differences in altitude as slight as a flight of stairs. As phones are now as much about the space in which we inhabit, and the data gleaned from that, as they are about the apps they run, it only makes sense that Apple add a third dimension to the mix.

Read more about it at The Verge.

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