Three Cheers For Girls Magazine Cover ‘fix’

On today’s INFORUM, Ryan Johnson has a story on a Jamestown native who ‘fixed’ the cover of a recent Girls’ Life magazine that had been making the rounds on social media juxtaposed against a cover from Boys’ Life, which was all about self-actualization and career goals. The Girls’ Life one, as you can see, is all about hair and clothes.

I’m always reminding my seven-year-old daughter that she’ll someday be a NASA engineer. Or a journalist. Or a Supreme Court justice. Or an electrician. Basically, any reason to tell her that she needs to do well in school.

What’s funny is that I also support my daughter’s fascination with things like hair, makeup and clothes. It’s a big bonding point for her and her mom, and I love seeing the pep in her step when she feels like she’s looking her best. Her choices of outfits, too, are an aesthetic expression, and I don’t diminish that.

But getting nothing but that message from a magazine titled Girls’ Life is obviously problematic. A tip of the hat to designer Katherine Young for pointing that out.

Source: North Dakota native goes viral after fixing ‘bad’ Girls’ Life magazine cover | INFORUM

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