‘Grand Theft Auto’s’ Spot-on Nod To The Fargo Theatre

It’s a little slice of home in the middle of a world chock full of criminal activity.

As a recent screen grab posted on Reddit shows, 2013’s “Grand Theft Auto V” features a locale instantly familiar to Fargo residents: a snowblown street featuring a theater that appears to be directly inspired by the Fargo Theatre.

The Pollack Cinema features a sign and architecture very similar to the Fargo Theatre’s. The notion is also corroborated by the GTA V wiki, which says that it is based on the iconic downtown Fargo building.

The wiki goes on to say that the Pollack resides in the town of Ludendorff, North Yankton—likely loose references to the region’s Scandinavian influence and history.

Ludendorff, unlike Fargo, is home to “The Midwest’s Biggest Beaver” and has a mere population of 918.

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