Readers React To The Question Of Whether Colleges Are Good Or Bad For The Country

Conservatives increasingly think colleges are bad the country, a new poll finds, and it was a hot topic of debate on the InForum Facebook page.

A story on the poll results from the Pew Research Center, written by the Los Angeles Times, was posted yesterday to Forum Communications websites. The poll found that in just two years’ time, Republicans’ opinion of colleges has slipped from 54 percent approval to 58 percent disapproval. Campuses have taken heat as protests and debates have raged over right-wing speakers. Schools have been singled out as siding with liberal interests in our culture wars. It also dovetails from decades of wariness in higher education on the part of conservatives.

A poll of Forum Communications readers had similar findings, with those identifying as Republicans responding that colleges are bad for the country having a slight edge over those who responded that they aren’t bad for the country:

FCC polls aren’t scientific, of course, and there’s even more data than is shown in this chart (the number of respondents who responded that they don’t affiliate with one of the two major parties, for instance, was higher than the number who affiliated with either party; see the full data here), but it does show that it’s a divisive question among our readers. The debate on the InForum Facebook page made this clear, too. Here’s one thread worth noting:

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